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D3 #3 09/ 17/ 2010

September 13, 2010

D3 (Deconstruct, Discover, Detroit) featuring Juan Atkins (aka Model 500 and Cybotron): The Origins of Detroit Techno

The D3 event series celebrates the innovators of Detroit techno and the 25th anniversary of this unique art-form. D3 (Discover Deconstruct Detroit) is not only a fusion of house and techno but a meeting of art, fashion & music as well. D’lectable Music along with VOLATL events have partnered …with ArtKiwon (a contemporary arts group) to bring a decidedly unique artistry to the events with live painting, live fashion and art installations in the club environment for total transformation of Chicago’s most famous venue, Smart Bar. Juan Atkins, the September headliner from Detroit, is widely credited as, “the originator of techno music.” Atkins will play alongside D3 resident/curator DJ Lady D and James Lauer, on Smart Bar’s top – notch Funktion One sound system. It is a terrific honor for the D3 event team, in conjunction with Smart Bar, to host Mr. Atkins as a part of the series.

It is only appropriate that the D3 Event series feature Juan Atkins, who along with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson (“The Belleville Three”), are specifically noted to be the originators of Detroit techno. Atkins was born in Detroit, Michigan, and subsequently developed his unique sound there, alongside frequent collaborators May and Saunderson, finding influence from Krawtwerk and Parliament Funkadelic. From his roots playing funk bass, Atkins began recording early techno tracks as Cybotron , releasing legendary tracks such as, “Techno City” and “Clear.” His next project, Model 500, conceived in 1985, famed for the hit “No UFO’s,” is a project that still finds great success for Atkins today. Atkins’ many releases, not only on his own imprint, Metroplex, but on such touted labels as Tresor, Capitol Records and KMS, have cemented his mark on music. He was featured in the documentary High Tech Soul and was an essential part of the innagural Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Much discussed and anthologized not only for his 20 years of production credits but also for his ability to rock a dance floor, Juan Atkins’ music and DJ-ing are deified in Europe and embraced all over the world.

D3 resident DJ Lady D marries the classic house tracks of Chicago’s past with the choicest four-to-the-floor stomps of today, and always throws down a soulful and sinful set. Known widely as Chicago’s Queen of House Music, Darlene Jackson\ aka Lady D has been rocking dance floors nationally and internationally since 1995. Lady D is known for top-notch A & R, remixing and production, having managed the label AfterHours, and now running her own imprint D’lectable Music. Behind the decks now going on 15 years, Jackson’s sound transverses techno, houe, tech-house, acid and back again. She has played for diverse audiences, from celebrity studded bashes for the like of Queen Latifah, to packed rooms in Euope, Latin America and Russia, from her humble roots in Chicago’s underground house scene. Recent collaborations with the likes of Gold Record producing Ron Carroll have found Jackson’s focus shifting to studio work, and her 15 year anniversary tour Fame 15, playing in cities this Fall and Winter.

Joining DJ Lady D and Juan Atkins behind the decks is Chicago mainstay, James Lauer who recently hosted The END Sundays at Smart Bar/Redno5 and has been playing electronic music in Chicago for the past 10+ years. As host of Diversified Portfolio on Chicago’s WNUR 89.3fm he has inspired listeners with his passion for mixing together a wide selection of the best electronic music from early chicago acid house to deep modern dub and everything in between. James maintains this DIY attitude in his own studio productions and live sets through which he aims to re-creates the raw energy and sounds coming out of Chicago and Detroit back when it all was just getting stared.

D’lectable Music is respected industry-wide for releasing some of the hottest records in House music since 2004 with names as diverses as DJ Sneak, Style of Eye, Nick Maurer and more. D’lectable, works alongside VOLATL Events and ArtKiwon to curate the D3 night. In an effort to expose audiences to the depth of the artistry in techno, minimal and house, Nadia Podolsky’s VOLATL Events have booked a myriad of genre-defining artists including Stacey Pullen, Bruno Pronsato, Adam Beyer, Camea, Mr. C and more. VOLATL has produced dozens of memorable events in Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Miami with a forward-thinking approach to sound arrays and bookings. ArtKiwon, under the direction of curator Kiwon Choi, has coordinated dozens of multimedia installations and shows. Artists for this third session of the D3 series include, curator visual artist Kiwon Choi, interdisciplinary artist Hoyun Son, and video artist Galina Shevchenko. Sho Tsunoda and Shelly Johnson will be creating live paintings done to the music of our stellar DJ’s. A comprehensive scope of music, fashion, art and dance is what D3 seeks to achieve with every outing. Pre-Sale tickets are available via, or will be 10 USD at the door (before midnight).



February 19, 2010

Designed by Jason Warth

Designed by Jason Warth

Can a music genre have a birthday? The people of Detroit sure think so, as this year they will mark the 25th anniversary of the world-renowned techno sound, with celebrations planned around the globe from 2010 through 2011. Chicago DJ Lady D, inspired by the connection of Detroit Techno and Chicago, House, has put together an art and music series, D3, to celebrate techno in 2010. D3, championed by the D’Lectable Music label, promoter Volatl and artist collective Prak-sis, will reflect the history, esteem and future of the Detroit techno sound. Smart Bar will exclusively host this quarterly series with events in March, June, October and December of 2010.

Kicking off the series on March 12, D3 will feature music from DJs Stacey Pullen, DJ Lady D, Max Jacobson, Max Loomis (aka Joint Effort) and DJ Jay Cho. Art curated by the Prak-sis artists collective will adorn Smart Bar, reflecting the multimedia intersection of music and art. Tickets will go on sale Saturday February 13 and are $15. This event is 21 & over and starts at

An innovator from the Second Wave of Detroit techno, Stacey Pullen grew up under the mentorship of Detroit’s legendary three: Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. Still continuing to produce his characteristic atmosphere laden electronic sound, Stacey Pullen compounds his reputation as a producer with that of being one of the world’s most in demand DJs, playing weekly across the globe year in, year out. With a font of passion for music
and performance that never dries up, Stacey Pullen still plays every gig from the heart seeking to surprise and engage, to provide an unforgettable experience, to offer up his unique catalogue without predictability -defying expectation. Above all, from his earliest attempts to the current day Stacey Pullen has stayed true to his one goal: to become and to always be an Innovator. From the age of 9, playing flute in his school band, Stacey has always been playing musical instruments. Around 1985, while Stacey was
still drumming & traveling with his high school band, the Detroit Techno movement was born, and provided a revolutionary sound to the youth of Detroit. The Electrifying Mojo filled the airwaves with this radicalism through new electronic rhythms, and showed a generation or more of musicians and DJs what true musical eclecticism means. The youth of Detroit, including Stacey, were listening and learning. Moving from instruments to turntables in college, Stacey soon began DJing and producing tracks, then moved on to remixing. A year in Amsterdam honed his skills as both a student of live DJing and a teacher of the electronic sounds of Detroit techno, and since the early 90s he has commuted from Detroit to Europe, Asia, Australia or elsewhere in the U.S. to play live. He also started his own label, Black Flag, which released many records in the last decade. Stacey’s reputation as a DJ became as much of a draw card as his reputation as a producer, and he became renowned for long, experimental, adventurous and soulful journeys through music that lasted at least 5 hours. The last several years have seen Stacey continuing to be on the road, bringing Detroit techno sounds around the globe nearly every weekend.

Known widely as Chicago’s Queen of House Music, Darlene Jackson aka Lady D has been rocking dance floors nationally and internationally since 1995. Influenced by legends and encouraged by House veterans, the Chicago House scene would be incomplete without Lady D. She made her name in the mid 90’s for being one of the first women DJ’s on the underground house scene in
Chicago and grew to become one of the most respected industry players who continues to emerge from the Chicago House 3rd wave following in the step of Derrick Carter, Diz, Sneak and Gene Farris among others. DJ Lady D is not limited by any preconceived notion of House—her sets drift seamlessly into territories other’s fear to tread. She moves playfully from tracks to vocals, from Boompty to Electro to jackin’ Tech House and back with finesse.
Lady D has a unique way of not only making the mix sound good but also making these seemingly distinct genres feel like they actually belong together. She has played such places as Russia, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Thailand and extensively across the USA. Lady D marries the classic house tracks of Chicago’s past with the choicest four-to-the-floor stomps of today, and always throws down a soulful and sinful set. Recognized for her top-notch A&R, production and remixing talents as owner of D’lectable Music, Lady D is a tastemaker known for releasing some of the hottest records in House music over the past few years. Her abilities include production and remixing and she has collaborated with Ron Carroll, Demarkus Lewis, Common Factor and Mark Grant.

Max Jacobson was born and raised in the Metro Detroit area and around the ripe age of 17 he attended his first Detroit Electronic Music Festival. It was at this festival where he attended an afterhours party and got exposed to techno thanks to the early morning sounds of Dan Bell and Richie Hawtin. He was overwhelmed with these raw organic sounds he heard and he started to DJ a year later. After four months of djing he started a local night at bar in his college town. Being a creative person, Max sold his decks and began to focus on production a year after he started DJing. He relocated to Chicago in 2007 and started diving deeper and deeper into the realms of music production and creation. His sound can be characterized as a mixture
of deep tech house and techno. Recently he has started to play live/dj sets that encompass tracks by other artists and as well as his own loops over these tracks creating a unique and diverse sound that can range from deep Chicago house to raw modern techno. The 22 year old currently attends art school in Chicago where he studies music. Be on the look out for his releases coming out on Klectik and other labels as well as live performances.

Max Loomis is one half of Joint Effort, a production partnership with DJ Lady D. Their production of “Durty Thang” with Bear Who? on vocals was signed to Open Bar Music (NYC) and is now available. The tech heavy production is rich on bass with a good helping of acid and ready for peak hour dance floors. Bear Who? provides his signature vocals that get the party hyped, just as he did for his best seller, “Fix My Sink”.

In addition to DJs, the [prak-sis] artists’ collective has curated multimedia art. DJ Jay Cho, a South Korean sound artist will kick off the night of music. Video artists Doug Fogelson, Terry Dixon, Galina Shevchenko, Spencer Hutchinson, Dain Oh and Raychel Winterton will present various works of film and video media. Photographer Tse Xiao Guang and print artist John Tuan Hyunh will also be featured. Kelsey L. Connett and Nicole Briggs will provide a fashion performance, and Shelly Johnson, aka Ruin, will perform a live painting experience inspired by the music as it is played. [prak-sis] blogs about art, music and D3 at:<>.

For media access, interviews, hi-res photos or other info, please contact
Jenny Lizak at 773-549-4140 ext 212 or
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Friday, March 12:
In Smart Bar… D’Lectable Music, Volatl and [prak-sis] present…
D3- DECONSTRUCT DISCOVER DETROIT- Art and Music Series Kick Off!
aka JOINT EFFORT * DJ JAY CHO * featuring art by the [prak-sis] artists

$15 (bottle service reservations $250 for a table of 4-6; includes
admission, subsequent bottles priced $175) / 21 & Over / Doors: 8PM / Show:
8PM / Style: Techno, House

Metro/Smart Bar Box Office in the Official Metro Store (no service fee)
Smart Bar website