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Artist (Live Painting) Sho Tsunoda for June 25th@D3

May 31, 2010

This is what Sho talks about his work.

Come to Smartbar and enjoy his art world together.

Artist Statement  by Sho Tsunoda

If I could be anything, I would like to be an artist. With one life I have, I would like to dedicate all my effort to what I love the most. I would like to picture the beauty of feeling things. Art was the only thing that allowed me to be myself completely. Painting taught me every one has his/her role. I would like to return favor by dedicating my art to people who desperately need art. I believe art is the ultimate way to depict passions, emotions, personal philosophy and thoughts as an individual regardless of sex, race, age or religion. In creating painting, I find beauty of humanity such as curiosity, self-improvement and appreciation of freedom, honesty and uniqueness. I believe every human has need to express themselves through what they do. I make art because art is the ultimate way of expressing self.

I am most passionate about abstract painting with oils because of the freedom I have in creating both shapes and colors. I usually paint with fingers because I feel my emotions are more directly transferred that way. Working intuitively without plans allows me to input different ideas and grow as an artist while I am painting. It helps me focus on momentary feelings within me. Color is extremely important for my works. I try to make them as intense as possible to express my passions throughout my life. I am flattered by how colors affect and interact with human minds. I use a lot of colors out of tube to represent vividness, intensity and pureness of life. I also believe that today we live further away from the ground than before. We barely touch mud today.I believe that it has been and it will affect the color of paintings. The colors used today are more saturated than in history.

Early impulse is one of themes in my painting. The first day I made art, it felt so right. I have something to put all my effort. I have a dream. I am living a dream. I am very happy to be able to truly enjoy and appreciate art and dedicate my life for it. I wouldn’t  be where I am without making a decision for taking risks.  I would like to paint as if I have never painted or I have never seen colors before. When my art was purely about my impulses that I couldn’t help feeling, I believe I was purest as an artist. Through painting, I search for core humanity that we all share and attempt to communicate with as many people as possible.

Sho is currently a residential artist of Flat Iron in Wicker Park.