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relational / conceptual performance artist Hoyun Son 9/17

September 13, 2010

Hoyun Son is a relational / conceptual artist working in various media includes text, performance, multi-media installation, and interactive installations. Her practice is mainly focused on generating new ideas/ways of quality life in this globalized, technology oriented society through open conversations and subtle but intentionally selective encounters arts can provide.  Born in Korea, Has background in Social Welfare and Information and Library Science. Hoyun Son moved to USA in 2001 to attend School of Art Institute of Chicago where she earned her BFA and MFA. She has performed in various public venues in Chicago, Boston, Dallas and Seoul, Korea. Exhibited her works in Chicago, Houston, Romania, Boston, Norway and Korea. Also she is recipient of various awards and fellowships include National Endowment for the Arts through DCCA, Illinois Art Council, Skowhegan Painting and Sculpture, Santa Fe Art Institute, MacDowell Colony in USA, and Sandness Kommune of Norway.

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What’s the borderline of fantasy and acting of imagination? What kind of fantasy can you not pursue in reality and what can enhance your life?

You are in a bar, there are many people around you, are you one of the people who keeps thinking “what ifs” but rarely acting out on it? Are you too shy to strike up a conversation with a stranger? Then this is a great opportunity for you to test your “acting skills” by participating in an art project, and see what that will lead to in Reality! Put on a different persona and ask strangers to take instant photos with you as if you are their silly buddies in action, awkward on the first date, passionate lovers, or secret admirer from high school, “missed connection”, long disconnected friends who haven’t met in 10 years.

Head gear to express and/or disguise you are provided by the artist, also the artist will assist you with your performance as a mediator and a performer.

Site-specific performance with Hoyun Son