D3 vol.4 on Friday Nov. 19th 2010 Tyrue Slang Jones

November 17, 2010

Tyrue “Slang” Jones The Slave Shoe” 72in X 84in aerosol on canvas.

Artistic innovation has been a lifelong pursuit for Tyrue Jones. His approach and diverse style of tradition and nontraditional mediums has been considered fearless. He’s worked hard to become an established fine artist, graphic designer and professional television animator.

Also known as Slang, Chicago’s most influential graffiti artist, the Windy City’s streets still bear the legacy of the his mastery. Slang’s unique style has continuously evolved—from brick walls and subways of the urban landscape to canvas, fabric, television and film. His work has spanned three decades.

His signature style of “Figurative Graffiti” melds flowing shapes and ligatured letterforms of perfect symmetry and traditional figure painting. Included in this original design, he introduces an impressionistic color palette that can be seen thought out every medium he touches.

His canvasses have been shown in galleries throughout the continent. His past corporate clients include Warner Bros. Animation Studios, Startoons Animation Studios, Walt Disney Interactive, General Mills, Universal Music, Def Jam, Interscope, Allstate, Leo Burnett and Viacom (MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon).

One out of fifty Americans has come in contact with Tyrue Jones work, in one form or another.

“ Since I was a young child, my world has always been filled with color, rhythm and the passion to tell a story. Translating that onto a surface has become my legacy. The range of mediums that I chose to submerge myself in is instrumental in this creative symphony.”

Artist website
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