D3 (part 2) FRIDAY JUNE 25

May 15, 2010

Along with D3 resident DJ Lady D, D’lectable Music along with Volatl & ArtKiwon is pleased to announce special guests for the next installment of D3 @ Smart Bar Chicago, June 25, 2010:

From DETROIT by way of San Fran;
Monty Luke brings a funky, stripped down and eclectic sound from the underground of American dance music. Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Los Angeles, his background is the genesis of the broad musical scope he showcases as both DJ and producer. After gaining experience DJ’ing up and down the west coast, Monty moved to the SF Bay Area where he settled into a groove, regularly collaborating with crews/venues such as Pacific/Sunset, Blasthaus, The End Up, 1015 Folsom, Stompy, and [Kontrol].

In 2007 Monty teamed up with Stompy Hi-Fi resident DJ Tasho and dropped, “Paranoid,” which became the second release on Claude Von Stroke’s Mothership Music. Soon after, Monty provided vocals for several collaborations with Poland’s Catz n Dogz, most notably on “Confused,” which appeared on their full-length album, “Stars of Zoo.”

Dubbed a favorite amongst DJ’s and ‘those that know’ for years, Monty has continued to set the bar high for himself, melding an upfront, electronic jack track mix style with an ear for the dancefloor. His influences include Derrick May, Harvey, Theo Parrish among many others.

In mid 2008, Monty made a move to Detroit, Michigan to work with his mentor, techno legend Carl Craig. As Craig’s right-hand man at Planet E Communications, Monty was able to receive the right kind of freedom and encouragement that led him back into the studio to produce “Panik Attack,” his follow-up to ‘Paranoid,’ Released on Mothership. In addition to doing more vocal work, he most recently released Art, Love & War on Planet E in December 2009.

In 2010, Monty remains focused on bringing that raw, eclectic jack music to the world through both his DJ sets, and original productions. The future is now.

& via France to Chicago

Frederick is the cofounder of Souvenir along with his wife Noemi. Originally from France, he has been living and playing in Chicago for two years now. Music and party lover, Zahm will be taking that Souvenir flavor back to France next year–be sure to use this as an opportunity to hear this techno virtuoso. Don’t be tardy to the party…

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