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January 31, 2010

[prak-sis] caa has organized their art shows in empty commercial stores, bars and clubs with the belief that art is an important part of one’s life experience. [prak-sis] aims to alleviate the emotional effects of economic crises while adding to not only the diversity but also the depth of the city culture.

Kiwon Choi creates live art experiences in various places and thinks the club is a very obvious performance set, without most of the attendants’ awareness. When people go clubbing they plan their night along considerations of time, space or setting and the DJ. They choose their outfit to express their character and move their body to the music. They try to find ways to express their interests other than verbal language in the set, like other art performances.

Hosting an art show for D3 at Smart Bar will have a significant impact on both artists and viewers.
Artists will challenge their role as entertainer. The experience will give artists an opportunity not only to expose their works in a non-gallery space but also to break any prejudice to it and create new works from the infinite inspiration between music, art and audience.

The guests will experience how art can elevate excitement and encourage an open mind to exchange their ideas. The biggest wish is that the guests enjoy the inspiration which evokes a change in the scene of their art work by being spontaneous and active.

Kiwon Choi

Artist list

DJ Jay Cho
born in Seoul, South Korea, currently studying at SAIC focuses on Sound.

Special guest: Doug Fogelson
Born in 1970, Chicago. Fogelson studied at Columbia College and SAIC, receiving his MFA in 1994. He has been recognized by numerous publication including Art News, Focus, and Photo District News, and his work is included in prominent museum, corporate, and private collections.

Terry Dixon
Terry Dixon is an interdisciplinary artist born in Washington DC. Terry composes new art perspectives by integrating art and technology through various visual techniques including painting, photography, computer art, video, and electronic music. In the mid 90’s he completed his MFA in art and technology at SAIC.

Galina Shevchenko
Born in Moscow, Chicago based multi media artist, videographer, and animator Shevchenko loves to combine visual elements with archetypal and cultural icons creating exquisite combinations of high and pop, classical and post modern artwork. Her video work took second prize at the Media Art Lab segment of Moscow International Film Festival and has been shown in Berlin at Director’s Lounge Video Festival, in New York at Red Shift Festival and in Chicago at the Motion Graphic Festival.

Spencer Hutchison
Born in Knoxville in 1984, Hutchison has been producing digital/new media works, primarily sound and video, under the moniker ersatz modem since 2003 while attending Indiana University. The most constant conceptual themes of his work have been exploring ‘alternative tangents to modern art movements and their canons’ through the use of digital technology as well as the pursuit of ‘ideal abstraction vis a vis sound’. Spencer received his BFA from SAIC in 2009; emphasis in Sound, New media and painting.

Dain Oh
Oh was born in 1988, and has lived between Seoul, Moscow, Dubai and Chicago. Currently studying at SAIC with an emphasis on film, video and new media, she uses the Internet and magic to make art and is the co-founder of curatorial duo “It Takes Two to Stereo”.

Raychel Winterton
Born in California in 1988, Winterton is currently studying at SAIC with an emphasis on Film, Video and New Media. She is called a “total video kid” on an important mission through space. She also goes by name of Waychill and/or Raychill.

Tse Xiao Guang
Born in Guangzhou, China in 1982; immigrated to US with family at the age 11 fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, Guang attended the University of Missouri from 2001-2006, emphasizing drawing and photography.

Fashion Performance

Special guest

Carron Little

Kelsey L. Connett

Connett grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois near St. Louis. She attended Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and received her degree in Textile design. That particular program has given her a rich background in several mediums such as surface design, weaving, paper making, book binding, metal smithing, ceramic and sculpture, all of which are incorporated into her Deconstructed Clothing style.

Nicole Briggs
Briggs is a Chicago-bred visual artist and owner of Shrink Boutique. Shrink Boutique expresses the hi/low style everyone’s rocking these days and gives as good as it gets. Briggs has taught photography to under-served kids at the Marwen Foundation and has worked with Amnesty International.

Live Art
Shelly Johnson aka Ruin

Johnson is a live visual artist who creates paintings in a live environment for audiences.  Having performed his live works at venues all over Chicago, Johnson creates to the beats using movement and sound as inspiration to direct energy into his canvases.


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